Sunday, 22 May 2011

The Book: Driving Exile

Here's the synopsis for my book. I struggled to write it without hearing the bloody 'movie voice' in my head!

Enjoy (hopefully) x

Driving Exile

At 28, Katie Burton is good on paper. Great job, charming fiancĂ©, nice home – but since the death of her beloved Dad two years ago she’s feels there’s something missing.

When her life takes a dramatic turn, Katie impulsively quits her job to go on tour with a pub rock band as their driver and roadie.

As she becomes more immersed in their world, Katie is intrigued by the inner workings of the band and, despite warnings from brooding guitarist Lou, she persists in trying to help them hit the big time.

With the help of charismatic lead singer, Julian and serial flirt Brian, the race is on for Katie to land the opportunity of a lifetime before the tour comes to an end, and face up to what it is she’s been missing all of this time. 

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