Sunday, 26 June 2011

Back to the scene of the crime

I'm still struggling to write my synopsis and it's making me question elements of the book and whether I need to do another serious cut. If the truth be told I'm really not enjoying it and whenever I sit down to work on it, I'll use any excuse to distract myself.

Make a cup of tea
Put some washing in
Make another cup of tea

I've now firmly got my 'business' head on and the actual story that I've dedicated myself to for so long has taken a backseat to agent research, editing, and that bloody synopsis. I knew the day was going to come where I'd have to take off my creative hat but it's hard.

Yesterday I visited an old friend in Manchester and I found myself back in the place where the book started. I began writing Driving Exile four years ago as a bit of a joke before I upped sticks to Liverpool. My main character is from Manchester and a lot of the scenes at the start are set in the City Centre so I used the opportunity in the spare hour I had to just have a wander and remember what inspired me in the first place.

I sat in the same Starbucks my lead character does during an uncomfortable early scene that shapes the the events of the book. I drank it all in and tried to get some perspective. It's easy to forget that early process when you get the first spark of an idea which then snowballs into a full blown story. It's an amazing moment and one that had slipped to the back of my mind until yesterday.

I've also been slightly obsessed (you may be able to tell by my Tweets) with re-runs of VH1's Behind the Music documentaries. I grew up on a diet of music documentaries as well as stories and trivia from my Dad and this undoubtedly shaped the book. Watching the story of glam rockers Poison this morning, I couldn't help but smile as they talked about wild antics and in-fighting between the band members - all things I've spent the last few years writing about.

It all reminds me of those early creative days and just all the more determined to get the book published. It's a good book and I just need to get my head down and complete these necessary evils and stop bloody moaning about it.

If Poison's Bret Michaels can survive a subarachnoid hemorrhage then I can sure as hell write a synopsis. 



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