Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Pillar to post

Oh god, there's so much conflicting information on how to approach agents that my heads spinning.

'Make sure you ALWAYS include a SAE with the postage paid for them to return your manuscript.'
'NEVER include a SAE. It's like you're telling them it isn't good enough and needs to be sent back.'
'Be HONEST about your credentials on your covering letter.'
'Don't be afraid to EMBELLISH the truth. Remember, you're selling yourself.'
'Tell them the WORD COUNT in your covering letter.'
'As for the word count. DON'T include it.'

Why isn't there just one method of doing this? It's. Never. Simple.

I kind of get it though. When I desperately used to browse the Internet for tips on landing that perfect job straight from university, I encountered the same issue. The truth is, there's no right way of doing things, just a way that's worked for some people.

I have the added pressure of my day job. It's tough and takes up a lot of head space. I go for walks quite often and, with my classic rock blasting in my headphones, I think about my writing and possible ideas for a follow up to my novel. I did the same last night and realised when I got home that I had no idea what songs I'd been listening to and had instead been practising what I was going to say during today's presentation. I was annoyed with myself. I'd been at work all day and the few hours I get in the evening should be dedicated to my book.

However, I just have to reside myself to the fact my 'real life' will sometimes win the battle. That's...well, life I suppose.

Sometimes I'm tempted to stay up all night so I can work on the book but I know my life won't be worth living if I don't get any sleep. No, I need to get through my stressful work week and concentrate on the weekend ahead - that's when I'll be reunited with my great love.



Ps. If I start blogging at daft times in the night then feel free to scold me and send me to bed!

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