Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Uno, Dos, Tres...

I've read a lot of advice on how to get published and I must admit, it can be quite contradictory.

There is one piece of advice that remains common though.

Don't. Pass. The. Book. On to. Friends. Or. Family.

"Don't do it!"
"It's not objective!"
"It's a waste of time!"
"It'll over inflate your ego!"

Noted! (But spectacularly ignored...)

Enter the room, my three story editors - Uno, Dos, Tres. My beautiful friends who are currently buried in the wonderful (my opinion) world of Exile. Each bringing a different element to the editing mix...

Indulged me in my flights of fancy for months until she got fed up and asked for an extract to find out what the hell I was going on about. My equally-as-disenchanted work colleague turned sister-from-another-mister, Uno was soon quizzing me over copious amounts of coffee (or red wine depending on the mood) about the antics of the characters (and setting me straight when I got it soooo wrong). Her eyes wide and unblinking, she'd listen as I laid out the idea for the various scenes and shake her head in disbelief at just how utterly insane one person can be. The book wouldn't be finished if it wasn't for this one so thanks Uno (you're paying for it now though! Get editing!).

My best friend. My rock. My ex.
Dos is the musical ear of my book, making sure the technical elements are kosher. He's cute and plays guitar which means he's very much forgiven for being such a slow-ass reader ;-)

The most frightening editor of all. The book worm. Armed with a top degree in English literature, and always with her nose in a book, Tres is an editing force to be reckoned with. My oldest friend and wine guzzling buddy (sensing a theme?), she's the one who's causing me to bite my nails right down to the quick. So-called because she was the third and final person to receive a copy of the book, Tres is remaining tight-lipped so far (which isn't bothering me at all....). Straight-talking and the collective voice of the chick-lit reader, she's my very own Claire (who's Claire? Well, you'll need to read the book...).

I'll be taking them all out for a stiff drink after the editing trauma.

That's when I'll break the news that I've started on Book 2...



PS. (Brackets much?!) Apologies!

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