Sunday, 10 July 2011

Oh yeah, they call me the recluse...

I've been missing from here for a while. In fact, I've been missing from everything over the past two weeks.

Another read through and for the first time I got a sense of finality about the whole editing process. I can now safely say that I'm done. I thought I was done a while ago but the book was too long. I've now managed to shave another 20,000 words off the final cut which is great. Not great for the self-indulgent writer in me but it helps the story motor along at a good speed.

I've even made the manuscript look a bit prettier and drafted my covering letter. It's getting printed again next week so...I'm ready for action.


No more excuses.

I plan on sending out a number of manuscripts but at the moment I have a 'dream' literary agent and I'm going to send one to that person before the others. I don't expect it to get picked up by this person but I have to indulge my little dream.

Because I've turned into a complete recluse, I've been indulging in some serious classic rock. My trusty old playlist has had a hammering, as well as Planet Rock Radio (heart Nights with Alice Cooper!). I've also discovered two more mellow artists that are dominated my ipod at the minute - Boyce Avenue and John Butler Trio. Beautiful. So beautiful in fact, that I listened to the same two John Butler Trio tracks on repeat for four days solid whilst staring into space.

Classic Rock has been my magazine of choice and I've been hooked on the interviews and in-depth stories about some of my favourite bands. Classic Rock - where have you been all of my life? My passion for the mag was cemented by the purchase of Glamour magazine tonight. Tell me, which would you choose?

Option 1
Guns N' Roses - Drugs, rifts, hirings, firings, general chaos, the sound of a band falling apart
Grunge Wars - Two decades ago, grunge and hair metal were the two sides in an epic battle.
Judas Priest - They thought they'd just made one of metal's great albums. More than 20 years later, it landed them in court.


Option 2
Cut 350 calories a day without going hungry!
Jessie J - "What no one knows about my love life"
30,000 women's sex secrets - Hot, honest and 100% stealable!

Hmmm.....needless to say, this may be the last issue of Glamour I ever buy (I mean 'stealable'? What the fuck?!). Bring on the rock!

My next blog won't be as long in the making, I'm determined.

Keep rockin'




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