Monday, 8 August 2011

Busy, busy, busy

Tonight I've done the following:

  • Bought curtains for living room
  • Tidied and cleaned flat
  • Hoovered
  • Put washing away
  • Put more washing in
  • Ironed new curtains
  • Took down photos of Dos and I looking like love's young dream
  • Hung curtains
  • Prepared lunch for tomorrow

So? I hear you ask. So the point is, I just don't spend my evenings this way. Well, I haven't for the last 12 months since hammering my book anyway. It went to the printers this morning and I'm waiting for the printed copies to come back.

Until then...







I wanted to write a book so I wrote one. I didn't really think about what I'd do afterwards. Yes, there's the mailing out to agents and then the agonising wait for it to come back with the obligatory rejection letter but aside from that - what shall I do?

I have to say, I've started work on a sequel but that just feels a bit silly until I get the first one published. Plus, do I really want to shut myself away for another year? I loved writing Driving Exile - it was the most amazing time and I learned so much and hopefully created some characters that'll stand the test of time, but as for spending the best part of a year sat on my fat arse, hammering away at my laptop....I think I'll pass.

I want to carry on writing so maybe I'll pen a couple of short stories to keep my imagination working. Or maybe even start reviewing bands again like I used to for a Manchester entertainment magazine.

Who knows?

It's exciting. Despite the somewhat crappy year it's panned out to be, I need to keep in my mind that I wrote a book. Something I've been wanting to do all of my life. That's not to be sniffed at, I suppose.

I should get the 10 copies back later this week and then the mailing out begins. Whatever happens, I'm pretty proud of myself.

Plus, I'm sat in a very clean flat with tomorrows lunch ready on the kitchen counter. I could get used to this...



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  1. I felt exactly the same when I finished Heaven Can Wait, really listless and like a huge part of my life was missing. You really can miss a novel after you've finally typed The End. I recommend 'filling your creative well' as someone or other put it - watch films, read books, visit museums & art galleries and generally fill your life with new experiences that you might write about one day. Oh, and well done! Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment, you deserve to :)