Sunday, 25 September 2011

And the survey says....

Dear Emma,

Thank you for giving us a chance to consider your work.

Unfortunately, this is not right for us. We are replying as soon as possible to give you the best chance of finding the right agent. We specialise in commercial fiction and non-fiction tailor made for the mass market and therefore we have to be confident of substantial sales quantities before taking on a new project.

We receive over 300 manuscripts a week and can only take on handful of new writers every year. The result is that we have to be incredibly selective, so please so not be too disheartened. Another agents may well feel differently. 

We wish you the best of luck in finding the agent who will be right for you. 

Best wishes. 

 Ah, I love the smell of rejection in the morning. Received the above letter from Agent Two this week but you'll be pleased to know there were no tears this time. I just read the letter with a curled lip and proceeded to go out and get pissed. 

It's currently pinned to my fridge, which is where the others will go as well. Well, until I run out of space on my fridge anyway and then I think I'll have to dedicate an entire wall or something. 

I've written approximately 10,000 words on Book 2 over the last week and have been well and truly in the writing flow again which is nice. Any writer will identify with feeling jaded by the editing process once you've written something - countless read-throughs, cut scenes, extra scenes added etc. So to be able to get back to the creative element is lovely. 

I know it's foolish to write a follow up to a book that's yet to be published but I can't help it. The mind wants what it wants! 

I'm off on a city break with Tres over the next few days to Stratford Upon Avon. Maybe I'll get some inspiration from the homeland of the Bard...

We'll see. 

"Oh Romeo, Romeo! Where for art an agent for Driving Exile, Romeo!" 

Keep rockin'



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