Sunday, 4 September 2011

Hello world...

It's been a big week.

After months of living together as two newly singletons, Dos has moved out into his new flat and I now live alone.

The lone writer.

Might get an antique typewriter.

And a cat.

Anyway, its time for me to stop hiding behind that little cartoon (cute as she was) and show my face to you all. So...hello, this is me.

Cuatro very kindly printed off the first three chapters of my book for me so I'm getting posting this week.  Finally! She's also powering through the book which is giving me a little boost.

I'm really missing it and its crazy characters, so I reckon I'll be doing some work on Book 2 this week. Especially as I've now got some time on my hands.

Now I'm officially Bridget Jones and all...

Promise me one thing guys, if I start turning this blog into a naff version of Sex and the City then do hunt me down and slap me. I shouldn't think I will. It's likely to be more Jack Torrence than Carrie Bradshaw...

Well, I'm back in work tomorrow after my crazy weekend and I'm going to kick back with a Jack Daniels and coke and listen to Planet Rock.

Cheers guys,



P.S. Cheers to you too, Dos - your apartment (bachelor pad) is lovely ;-)


  1. I always enjoy reading your blog!! :)

  2. Love browsing through your blog, always a good read!!!

  3. Good on you for being so brave. The end of a relationship is hard.

    Also good luck with the submissions.

  4. Thanks for the lovely comments guys. Fabulous to know there are people reading my blog :-) x