Wednesday, 7 September 2011

I'm cool

I'm not actually.

Not in any respect of the word.

I laughed in my last post about 'crashing and burning' and less than two days later, it's happened!

It's amazing how you can feel utterly fantastic one day and the next you feel *insert blowing raspberry noise here*. For want of a better expression (I genuinely hate what I'm about to say but it's fitting), I got well and truly 'cream-pied' today.

Yesterday I skipped home from work, at which I'm now getting a tad de-mob happy, to find two lovely cards from Tres and Cuatro congratulating me on the 'new' home and the job. My gym session was made fabulous by the super hot gay men who were out in force. Seriously, I felt like I was crashing that Jean Paul Gaultier advert...

I then joined Dos for a quick brew and had a giggle listening to anecdotes from one of his friends, as well as sharing a few from our teenage years.

Off to bed.


Queue the cream-pie (there's that word again...try not to snigger)....

I woke up this morning to my health failing me miserably and I was as sick as a dog. Moping around the flat for a few hours, drifting in and out of sleep caused me to grow restless so I decided to get some fresh air and walk to the post office depot to pick up a parcel (not idea what it is). I got all of the way there but there was no sign of my parcel so I had to walk all of the way home.

Then it pissed down and I got drenched.

I tried to be productive in the flat and put up some pictures and fell off the stool I was stood on, hurting my ankle.

I then thought it could be a good idea to check my work emails and there was a juicy email chain from an asshole of a colleague, landing me in the shit. As usual, for something that wasn't my fault, but hey! I was off ill so therefore an easy target. It's times like that I thank the lord I'm leaving...

However, not all is lost - I posted Driving Exile off to two agents today and will be keeping my fingers firmly crossed on that. Just got a very long 8 week wait now...Please love it! Please! :-)

Also, I've had Planet Rock to keep me company all day. It was as if the DJ's knew I was having a bad day because it's been like a pick n mix of all my favourite songs.

Dos brought me a Krispy Kreme donut round as well. Thanks for that!

Suppose it wasn't that bad a day after all.

Keep your fingers crossed on the manuscripts for me. I have a good feeling about one of the agents I sent it to, but we'll see I suppose.

I'll keep rocking and sincerely hope you do the same.



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  1. Doesn't sound like a very good day (apart from the donuts).

    Good luck with the agents.