Sunday, 11 September 2011

The rebound

"I looked up at the community notice board and started to read the different cards. There were a lot of bands looking for drummers. I made a promise to myself to learn to play the drums one day so that I could join one of these hopeless bands and help them achieve their dreams of stardom. I stored this onto the mental checklist I’d started building in the one week since Steve and I split which included learning a foreign language and running the New York marathon."

They say life imitates art, but surely life shouldn't imitate your own art? The above, as I'm sure you can guess, is a paragraph taken from my book after my heroine splits with her partner. I wrote it more than a year ago and now as I read it I realise it's exactly the 'stage' I'm going through at the moment. 

It's not just from the 'split' (seriously Dos, I'll stop dining on our split at some point...) but from finishing the book as well. I'm in terrible need of a new project and keep pondering over Book 2. However, it seems a bit...pointless at the moment. I have no idea whether Driving Exile will get picked up (trying to think positively though) and even if it does, the story might need to change, characters might need to be dropped etc. So diving into writing a follow up seems a little silly. Of course, I could just write it for myself in order to get the ideas from flying around my head. I've written a few chapters already. 

However, I have something else to occupy me at the moment. 

My rebound. 

Nope, not a bloke. I DID promise this wouldn't turn into a naff blog about men and dates. I hate all that shit. 

No, it's my little acoustic guitar. I'm plodding through learning chords which is going a bit better than I thought to be honest. I used to play bass when I was a teenager (and wanted to be a rock star) so I'm picking it up fairly quickly. Not a clue what I want to come out of it as I'm not the type of person to just have a hobby for the sake of it. Maybe I'll be one of those tossers who post videos of themselves on YouTube crooning into the camera in a cringy manner. 

Hang on, maybe I WILL become a rock star after all! Don't new artists get discovered on YouTube these days? 

I've also started running again and am determined to achieve a certain time for my 5km so I can enter some races again. 

Oh, AND I've dusted off my French for Beginners podcasts that were hiding on my computer. 

I'm rebounding aren't I? I'm just a dramatic haircut away from the newly single cliche. Either that or I'm trying to morph into the main character in my book. Any rock bands looking for a driver? Any at all? 

No? Oh, okay then...

I think I'm trying to pass the time until I hear back from the agents I sent the book to as well. 

Eight weeks. 

Eight flan-flinging weeks. 

Holy crap, where's my chord book. I might have a number one single by the time I hear back from them...

Keep rocking.



PS. Turns out the jokes are correct - Status Quo really do only play three chords. Excellent for a learner like me! Think my neighbour is a tad sick of hearing Rockin' all over the World blasting though..

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