Monday, 14 May 2012

Here we go...

Hold on tight, Em. You're in for quite a ride...

For those who follow me on Twitter and Facebook, you'll be more than aware that I signed a deal with Crooked Cat Publishing a week ago.

Yes, really.

The email confirming it came in at the same time as a rejection from an agent which made it all the more sweet. I've been riding a fabulous wave of excitement since, posting things here and there and making those all important excited phone calls to those who've been on the journey with me.

Now the work begins. I'm not talking about the necessary edits, but preparing to promote the hell out of it and deal with the (inevitable) crap reviews. I do imagine I'll get some good reviews too and I'm hoping the good ones will out-weigh the bad, however, I've occasionally heard myself when I've read a young adult horror book. I'm quite brutal.

I loved the Hunger Games with a passion. So much so that I felt quite depressed when I'd finished the trilogy as I felt nothing could compare. But when my friend finished them and I finally had a Hunger Games buddy to talk to, I found myself ripping parts of it to shreds. Don't get me wrong, I'll stand by the fact that I bloody loved those books but I suppose I've read so many of this genre that I like to think of myself as 'in the know'.

Point Horror books used to get the Emma Once-over too. I sometimes think the more you like something, the more inclined you are to slate parts of it. It shows there some passion there and that its affected you in some way.

Okay, is this me trying to mentally prepare myself for bad reviews? Am I babbling? Wouldn't be the first time I babbled on my blog...

Edits of Blackbrooke aside, I'm currently working hard on Book II (or as its officially called, Blackbrooke: The Guardian) and I'm grateful to have it. If Blackbrooke was a one book affair, I'd be feeling a lot more fear I'm sure. There would be a definite sense of finality as soon as it went on sale. Almost as though I was gathering all of my characters and putting them in a boat and watching them sail away.

With Book II, I'm back in the fold and at ground level with the characters. The best way to describe the way my mind see's it is when you played computer games as a kid (or maybe now?) and the character died but you got taken back to your save point. OR! If you play my favourite arcade game House of the Dead and you die but get the ten second window to put more money in and come back to life. That moment when the coins go in and you raise the gun back up to the screen at the baying mob of zombies, just waiting for the action to kick off again...well, that's the feeling I get with Blackbrooke II. Right back in the lions den.

Well, I really should get back to it. Times ticking and all.

Many thanks to everyone who's wished me luck along the way and I hope you stay with me to live through the rollercoaster that's inevitably involved in becoming a published author. For those who haven't checked out my author page on the Crooked Cat website then you can do so by clicking here.

I shall leave you with a beautiful song I've just discovered.

Em x


  1. Congratulations! It's such a lovely feeling :)

  2. Congratulations! Can't wait to read :)

  3. Great post! I'm so excited for this book!! Congratulations Emma!
    Love that song too!