Friday, 1 June 2012

"It's all happening..." of my favourite lines from one of my favourite films.

Nothing could be more fitting right now. You'll know from my last blog that I landed a publishing deal with Crooked Cat for my first novel Blackbrooke and I've been riding the roller coaster ever since.

So, where am I up to now? I've completed my first set of edits (painless, thankfully), worked with the publisher on my front cover artwork, and started to put the wheels in motion to promote Blackbrooke when it hits the virtual shelves from 19th July.

All the while, I've been busy scribbling the second part of the trilogy and trying to hold down a full time job. It's been a whirlwind to say the least and I'm loving every minute of it. This is what its all about after all.

Struggling to find enough hours in the day, I committed to several late nights to try and clear the work from my full time job. Several nights ago, it got to around two in the morning and I'd drained an entire pot of strong coffee but was still feeling sleepy. Determined to stay awake, I decided to take a break from work and look at something else.

Something I'd been putting off.

Yes, those all important acknowledgements. Oh, don't get me wrong, the self-indulgent bliss isn't lost on me. After all, I'm a girl who used to stand in front of the mirror with a can of hairspray clutched to my cheek, uttering breathily, "I never expected I'd even win an award. And an Oscar no less! And BEFORE my sixteenth birthday! I'd like to thank god..."

Whenever I read a book and stumbled upon the acknowledgements, I'd feel a pang of envy, hoping one day I'd be able to do the same and give thanks to all of my nearest and dearest.

With this in mind, you'd imagine I'd be in my element, but that wasn't the case. Firstly, my editor told me to keep it around 400 words. Now, I'm a writer of a rather substantial novel. A novel that's part ONE of a trilogy. Basically, if there's something I can say in 400 words, I'd rather say it in 4,000.

So, 400 words...

That's okay. Plenty in fact.

I got to typing and sat back triumphantly after shedding a tear or two along the way.

Word count = 816.

Oh shit...

Alright, no problem. I'll simply chop it down a bit. Take out the odd word. As long as I didn't have to remove a person, all was good in the world. I did just that and cut out some of the more cringe-worthy bits, reasoning that I'd probably regret them anyway.


Word count = 759


Serious cosmetic surgery was in order and I've managed to finally get it to around the 400 mark. I've taken a lot out, but I figured I could just tell some of the people how thankful I am. You know, the gift of speech? I might be out of practise but I think I remember how to engage my tongue and hold a conversation.

Reading over my acknowledgements still makes me cry which officially makes me a soft sod these days. Since signing my contract I've been a bit of a blubbering wreck whenever I think about Blackbrooke. And god help me when a sad song comes on the radio...

So, as part of my promotional work I've launched a Facebook page for Blackbrooke, Twitter and been interviewed on a fabulous YA book website. I'll include the links in case you're interested but, trust me, I won't become a shameless self-publicist on my blog.

If you have any inkling that I do then please feel free to slap me with a wet fish.

Expect more blogging in the coming weeks as my story of getting Blackbrooke released unfolds.

Wish me luck...


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Check out my interview on Book Me! Thanks again, Carmen :-)

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  1. Oh, you're so welcome! And so sweet for giving Book Me! a mention . . . I'd like to thank . . . Just kidding! This was another great post, Emma!