Tuesday, 24 July 2012


I've already said thank you to everyone for their support so far after launching Blackbrooke but this post is slightly different.

I warn you now, I fear I may get a little bit 'deep' here...

It's been a complete surprise that everyone has been so nice and supportive. Some are people I barely know, others have had to listen to me bang on about it for months.

Before Blackbrooke, for some reason, I didn't really feel as though many people cared. Not in a weird 'please love me!' kind of way, just in a sense that I always felt as though I could pass under the radar. An example being that if I met someone in a work environment and then saw them again a week, month, or year later, I wouldn't approach them and say hello because I'd be quite sure they wouldn't remember my face.

It's lent itself rather well to a life of solitude as a writer!

However, the book launch has really made me sit up and notice the people who have took time out of their day to wish me well.

It's all well and good to coat yourself in a suit of armour and raise your sword against the world but remember, you're never alone. No matter how much you believe that's the life you're meant to live.

Maybe Blackbrooke won't set the world on fire (although I damn well hope it does) but if it doesn't, it's taught me there are people who genuinely want the best for you in this life and that's a lovely feeling.

No pics or gimmicks with this one.

Thank you once again, very much.

Em x

Sunday, 22 July 2012

The plug

Blackbrooke is out! Out now! Go forth and purchase!

What an amazing feeling it is to know your book is available to buy and ANYONE can read it WHENEVER they want. It's scary but you know what? I'm sick of saying that.

When people have asked me how it feels that's been the first word to escape my lips.


Oh come on, Em. Get a bloody grip. It's not really that scary is it? After all, the scary part is over (editing for me, by the way) and this is now the nice part I should be enjoying. And I absolutely, 100% am.

Launch day was a real success with people really getting behind Blackbrooke and supporting the living daylights out of it. So much so, that it reached #5 in the Amazon Kindle chart for its genre. Not too shabby for a story I came up with over a glass of red wine...

I have a lot more plugging to do and I won't lie, Goodreads is a social media platform I haven't really explored yet but I will. All in good time of course...

I've been absolutely floored with the support I've received from the YA bloggers who have taken part in the Blackbrooke blog tour and a big thank you goes to Carmen Jenner of Book Me! who has put together the tour. Oh, here I go again, saying 'thank you' - honestly, I get one book published and I'm suddenly clutching my Oscar and sobbing my gratitude.

So, I'll keep this short and sweet and just remind you YET AGAIN of where you can buy part one of the Blackbrooke Trilogy...

UK Amazon
Amazon Worldwide
Smashwords - for those without a Kindle
iBooks coming soon...

And for those of you who have already bought it, I'd like to say a HUGE thank you!!! You rock ;-)

Okay, I've got to get back to editing part two of the Blackbrooke trilogy now...

Em x

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Seven days...

...to go.

Blackbrooke is being unleashed into the world in a weeks time and I'm getting excited. I have a blog tour planned courtesy of Book Me! and the fabulous Carmen Jenner who, lucky for me, really likes the book and gave it a glowing review. Phew! 

Part of the blog tour involves Blackbrooke reviewed by all of the bloggers signed up and I think maybe, just maybe, I'm getting used to the idea now. So far, I've had good feedback. Even the negative points have been constructive or have caused me to utter 'fair point!'. 

I read an interesting post on Becca Fitzpatrick's blog on how she deals with negative reviews and the answer is, she doesn't read them. When she described what she was like when Hush Hush was first printed, it reminded me of how I am at the moment. Overly-excited and desperately wanting everyone to love Blackbrooke as much as me. Like a puppy. Reading Ms Fitzpatrick's blog has really caused me to chill out about the reviews. After all, you have to be in it to win it, and take the rough with the smooth (or any other suitable cliches you can think of...)

Another thing, It's only since I've been involved in the blog tour that I've noticed I know absolutely NOTHING about blogging. NOTHING! Hence the fact you're now looking at the sparkly new Emma Silver website. My good friend Candice Cooke has designed the banner for me (ain't she clever?) and I think its more fitting to who I am and what I write about. 

You see, that's the thing - I need to start thinking a bit more 'commercially' now I suppose. I set up this blog as 'Emma Silver Unpublished' documenting the trials and tribulations of an unpublished author and the struggle to get my work noticed by an agent. It was an online diary that no one read and I didn't care if they did. It was for me. 

Now (and please bear with me, I'm repeating what I'm constantly being told) I'm Emma Silver, author of Blackbrooke. It means people might actually start visiting my website now. They might read this guff. Might have to go back and make some revisions...

So, here's my attempt at a 'website'. I'll still be blogging just as honestly as before. 

I'll keep you posted in the run up to the launch.

Em x