Saturday, 11 August 2012

Goodbye Liverpool

This is a blog about my writing journey but I felt the need to give a nod to Liverpool for this post.

I'm moving to Manchester for a while where I'll be back in my childhood room. Something made all the more strangely exciting by my dad telling me he'd found my stash of Point Horror books. That's the rest of the summer sorted...

As much as my friends and family took the mickey out of me for moving to 'Scouseville', my four years here have been the most productive of my life. I started writing again after a rather long sabbatical which has resulted in a published book and continued work on the rest of the trilogy so I'll be forever grateful.

I've met some great people too and reached interesting conclusions about my working life which I never expected. There have been rollercoaster moments of course (that's life after all) but I wouldn't change any of it.

I've been messaged some questions on Twitter from fellow writers and readers of Blackbrooke and I thought one of them was quite fitting for this post:

Do you go anywhere to write? 

I absolutely have to get out and write a lot of the time or else I get too distracted by the lure of the internet, especially after Blackbrooke launched and I've been on the promotion trail.

I usually head out to a fabulous Caffe Nero in Liverpool. I can't remember the street but it's opposite San Carlo (if you're interested!). They make great coffee, have friendly staff and these amazing window seats which means I can indulge in my hobby of people watching.

I'm a huge coffee fiend and despite my best efforts, I just can't make a cup as good as they do on the high street (bar one very famous green logo place which is wonderful if you like your coffee weak and cold...) so that's where you'll usually find me, smashing away on my laptop with my headphones jammed into my ears.

I'll need to find some new haunts in Manchester so I can get this pesky Book 2 finished. It's been a tough one as I want to keep it exciting throughout and there's A LOT I'm trying to get in there. Book 3 is very straight forward, so I really do have a problem middle child :-S

I'll keep you posted on the progress...

Until then, I'm really excited to see the images of the Blackbrooke characters that the very talented artist Dave Merrell is currently drawing for me. Bizarrely, I feel nervous when I see the initial sketches as its almost as though I'm finally meeting these characters that I love so much. I'll be revealing all very soon so watch this space.

All there is to say is goodbye Liverpool, and Manchester....I'm back!

Em x

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