Thursday, 4 October 2012

My graphic dreams

No, not those types of dreams...

Most writers envisage their novels as movies and I'm no different. I've cast the actors I want and I'm ready to take my place in the directors chair. It won't be easy seeing as I'm hoping to play one of my beloved characters, as well as write the screenplay and produce the entire thing but I'm sure I'll manage...

ANYWAY, Hollywood aside, I have another dream for Blackbrooke and that's for it one day to be adapted into a graphic novel.

Now, I'm not saying that I'm a graphic novel fangirl. In fact, if you quiz me, I'd struggle to give you my top five favourite graphic novels. And please don't get me on the topic of Marvel vs DC. Not because I'll bore you to tears but because all I'll be able to offer is a mumbled, "um...DC...I think."

Writing Blackbrooke, I was aware of how visual the story is, from the look of the characters through to the Crits. I'd sometimes see the characters as cartoons, other times as though it was a computer game.

It's niggled at me for a while and I decided to do something about it. Sooo, as a gift to myself and to anyone who may be interested, I employed top Manchester artist Dave Merrell to draw some of my characters and now...they're complete!

I'm going to be revealing the drawings imminently one at a time. Just need to decide what order to do it in. Decisions, decisions...

One thing I always maintain is that the reader is free to imagine the characters however they please and the drawings isn't a way of me telling everyone what to think. It's merely Emma Silver's interpretation of Blackbrooke - yours might be better! After all, Stephanie Meyer imagined new Superman, Henry Cavill as her Edward...

So, there's nothing left to say other than watch this space!

Thanks for reading,

Em x

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