Saturday, 30 March 2013

Emma vs. Blackbrooke

Working in a bookshop I sometimes come into contact with authors who all seem to have one thing in common - they're not afraid of self-promotion.

Now, you will have seen a lot of Blackbrooke promotion from me since the release of the first book in the trilogy last July but I actually have real trouble promoting myself as an author. A perfect example being that as soon as I typed the word 'author', I cringed and deleted it before deciding that I actually can write that, seeing as I have a book and all.

Before Blackbrooke was even published, I set up a Twitter and Facebook account for it and focused all of my attention into promoting the trilogy. As I always say, I'd rather people read Blackbrooke because of the story rather than the author.

However, am I being a bit short-sighted here?

Once Blackbrooke reaches its dramatic conclusion, what am I going to do? I'll have to emerge from under my rock and become Emma Silver at long last.

I was offered the chance to have an event for my book and my first thought was panic. What if people don't turn up? And, why the hell would they? My friends and family have lives and I certainly wouldn't feel comfortable if they dropped everything to celebrate what is effectively me standing in a room accepting pats on the back.

I've been happy with this stance for the last year but going back to those authors I sometimes meet, I see they have no qualms about self-promotion and public appearances. In all honesty, they can't afford to. These are tough times and the book market is saturated with not just great well-known authors but countless talented self-published writers too. Readers have never had it so good.

So I've reasoned that instead of trying to be self-deprecating and 'noble' by hiding in the background, I'm going to have to come right out and wave 'hello' at everyone. My twitter account is feeble with less than half of the followers of the Blackbrooke account so I should start there. Now, if only I had something interesting to Tweet about...

And you know what? If the opportunity for an event goes ahead then I'll grasp it with both hands. Achieving my dream shouldn't be something I feel ashamed of. In fact, I think my sixteen year old self would give me a slap if she knew I was even considering turning it down just for the sake of saving face.

I just need to stop being so bloody British about it and accept that I've actually done something rather wonderful.

Em x

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