Wednesday, 10 April 2013

SIGN UP! SIGN UP! Blackbrooke II blog tour

Good lord, this time last year I didn't even know what in the world a blog tour was! However, thanks to my good friend and fellow author Carmen Jenner I now have more than a clue. In fact, she hosted such a great blog tour for the first Blackbrooke novel on her review site Book Me! that I thought I'd lead example and host my own. 

Is it a massive no no for an author to host their own blog tour? Probably. I suppose I should have some kind of agent or book marketing company to sort it for me but....I'm a poor author. Plus, I rather like the idea of hosting a blog tour for baby number two (which was actually more like problem child number two - see previous post on that matter here). 

So, without further ado, I'm including the following preliminary list for the Blackbrooke II blog tour. Of course, I'd love this to go so well that I have to add more dates but lets just go with these for now. Don't get ahead of yourself, Em...

I'll be hosting a rafflecopter competition on my blog throughout the tour and will wrap it all up by announcing the winners. Any bloggers interested then please email me with your preferred date on the below address. And if there's anything you want to feature on the tour that isn't on the list then I'd love to add it in :-) 


Blackbrooke II
Blog tour schedule

June 7th - Review and Emma Silver interview - Reenie's Book Blog

June 8th - Review and excerpt - Book Liaison

June 9th - Character Interview - Orange Pekoe Reviews

June 10th – Review and character guest post - TiffyFit's Reading Corner

June 11th - Review and character bio: Liberty Connor - Starbucks and Books Obsession 

June 12th- Review - I Talk Books

June 13th - Dreamcast - Emma Silver Author

June 14th - Review and Blackbrooke II playlist - Ginger Read Reviews

June 15th - Review - The Book Rogue

June 16th - Review and character guest post - Always YA at Heart

June 17thReview and character interview - Rally the Readers 

June 18thReview and character interview - Book Me Reviews 

June 19thReview - Wicked Little Imp

June 20th - Tour Wrap 


  1. I'm soooooooo excited! ARHGLDJFJDFDSHGHJ! Thank you for inviting me!!!!

  2. I cannot freaking wait!!! Thanks for the mention, honey! You are too good to me!! BTW the BEST blog tours are the ones run by the Authors!!!!
    I'm bouncing in my seat right now!! Congratulations, Em! Words cannot describe how excited I am for book two and for you!!!! =D

  3. Nothing wrong with doing your own tour :) Thanks for inviting me, book one was one of my first tours ever, and I'm so excited to be a part of this one!
    Chrystina @Book Liaison

  4. Yay, totally exited! I'd like the 15th! =)

    1. Btw, Emma. I'd like to do a WoW, and it'd be very nice if you could add The Guardian to goodreads so I can include the link. =)

  5. Can't Wait! Thanks for inviting me! Love the cover to the second book!