Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Blackbrooke II Blog Tour - Dream Cast!!!

As there were no takers for the Blackbrooke II Blog Tour dream cast, I decided I'd do it! After all, what writer doesn't imagine their beloved little baby being turned into a massive Hollywood movie? (Any who deny this are lying, trust me...)

Ali of Ginger Read Reviews did an AMAZING dream cast for the first instalment of Blackbrooke last year, which you can view here. Some of her suggestions were so good that I used them myself.

Without further ado, here's my current dream cast for Blackbrooke. If you have any thoughts on who you had in mind for roles in the as yet non-existant Blackbrooke movie series then please feel free to chip in...

Liberty Connor played by Willa Holland

Cassius Godwin played by Austin Butler

Gabriel Moretti played by Tyler Posey

Denzil Rathbone played by Sam Rockwell (imagine with dreadlocks...)

Marie Jones played by Sarah Michelle Gellar (may not yet be old enough but I visualise her)

Mr Jones played by Xander Berkeley

Carl Evans played by Toby Jones

Would love to get your thoughts!

Em x


  1. Great cast!! I can totally see Sam as Denzil :)

  2. I love the casting! I can seriously picture them all in my head now :-)