Monday, 4 January 2016

Happy New Year

Here we go again. Another year, but more importantly, another January. 

I've been absent for a while on this blog due to a lack of writing, which I'm putting down to trilogy fatigue and getting a new (very busy) job. I'm venturing back on here, not to talk about particular writing projects (I've started four novels, God knows what's next), but about this time of year.

You see, January is not a great month. There's been no past trauma or any great disaster that resonates with me so I've put it down to simply having the winter blues. Christmas is over, New Year sailed by and now...what? Back to work for another year with a holiday shoe-horned in to break it up? Pretty much. We're still a good two months off seeing the lighter nights and it's going to get colder. Really bloody cold.

It's at this time of year that I start to get irritatingly melancholy. Just tonight I had a familiar interaction with Andy while we were brushing our teeth: 

"I'm feeling blue."
"Because I get down in January and I'm worried about when it's going to properly kick in."
"I realise that's stupid."

My fixation with Boston has picked up speed (queue changing my profile pictures to happier times spent there) and I've been looking at apartment prices  and what we could afford if there was a parallel universe where we had the same jobs over there. 

Boston isn't the answer of course, it's just a distraction of which there are many. Coding being another at the moment, but that might actually prove to be useful. 

I suppose what I'm trying to say is that it's a depressing time of year where I withdraw from the world. My mum even sent me a lovely letter and a gift in acknowledgement of it. That's why I'm back on here - to have mini rants when things are feeling extra crappy. I don't feel bad though as I've not been in author mode for a while so it's quite likely I'm talking to myself. 

If you are reading this and the ramblings don't make sense, don't worry - they're not meant to. See the transcript above: I don't even understand what the hell i'm going on about.

Should sleep x 

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